Cytoinformatics has digital pathology services for image analysis for cancer cell detection on individuals and research.At Cytoinformatics LLC, one of the most frequently performed digital pathology services is screening for cancer cell detection. The incidence of cancer continues to increase worldwide and the importance of early cancer cell detection is critical and often plays a major role in determining the prognosis for a patient. All forms of cancer benefit from early detection. Digital pathology plays a critical role in providing definitive information for healthcare providers while also pursuing better detection and treatment options.

Cytoinformatics, founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2012, provides digital pathology services to a full range of clients. We serve physicians who are seeking the most complete and accurate diagnosis for their patients and desire to access the best equipment and professionals for this work. We also serve medical researchers who also want their work to be performed by professionals using the best equipment available. Researchers often have the additional challenge of handling extremely large volumes of slides that can consume so much time as to burden the research. At Cytoinformatics, we are prepared to handle your digital pathology work, whether it is an image analysis for cancer cell detection for an individual patient or cancer cell detection for a research project on a larger scale. No job is too large or too small for the professionals at Cytoinformatics.

When Cytoinformatics performs your cancer cell detection, your work will be performed by well-educated, well-trained professionals who share your goal for precision and thoroughness. Our professionals work with you to determine the information that you want extracted from your slides and take great pride in meeting and exceeding your digital pathology analysis expectations. You will benefit from your work being performed with Cytoinformatics' outstanding online platform with our advanced machine learning and modern computer vision, producing cancer cell detection results that are robust, accurate and prompt. In addition, all of our digital analysis is validated by staff experts, providing our clients with an extra layer of quality assurance.

The work of cancer cell detection has been exponentially improved through digital pathology analysis. This form of medical image processing is reliable, efficient and highly acceptable to pathologists. The use of computer-supported analysis provides a level of precision that is of great advantage to patients and to research. The innovative development and use of digital pathology services for cancer cell detection has changed the face of pathology going forward. When you outsource this work to Cytoinformatics you are placing your work at the forefront of image analysis, providing your patient or your medical research with the best information possible.

Service to our clients is provided professionally, promptly, accurately and affordably. We continue to expand the array of services available to our clients and can serve as your single source for cancer cell detection and for numerous other digital pathology services. Contact us on our website at and you will recognize that partnering with Cytoinformatics is of great benefit to you, to your patients and to your research.