Cell morphology plays a role in medical diagnosis and research with its ability to provide essential cellular information.Cell Morphology plays a basic, foundational role in medical diagnosis and medical research. The ability to distinguish benign from malignant cells, separate epithelial from stromal regions, identify immunopositive and immunonegative stained cells and much more provide essential information needed to accurately diagnose patients and conduct medical research. Cytoinformatics LLC, founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 2012, provides an array of services that enable you to extract rich morphological information from images of cells. The professionals at Cytoinformatics are well-trained and possess a depth of expertise that qualifies them to perform these services.

Digitizing pathology analysis has been a tremendous breakthrough for patient diagnostics and for research purposes. At Cytoinformatics we understand the value of your time and the importance of reliable results. Whether you are a physician seeking a definitive diagnosis for a particular patient or you are a medical researcher dealing with hundreds or thousands of slides, we are your best source for image analysis. No job is too small or too large for the analysts at Cytoinformatics. Simply upload your images through our secure data portal and we will handle the rest. We will provide a detailed custom report personally assembled by our image analysis and deep learning experts, freeing your time to spend with your patients or developing your research. We follow up our image analysis with validation by human experts to ensure that your final report is of the highest quality possible. You will find that our cell morphology analysis is done consistently with the professionalism this important work requires: our results are accurate, timely and affordable.

Cell Morphology analysis is often a critical component of medical diagnosis and research. Recognition, analysis and diagnosis of cell morphology typically involve staining with dyes that assist in enhancing contrast in a cell and identification of cellular mechanisms associated with various diseases. Cytoinformatics is a strong company in the world of digital image analysis and our commitment to continuous quality improvement assures you that you will be satisfied with the results we provide. Our unique online platform combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning and modern computer vision to provide the most robust, accurate and rapid image analysis services.

When you need high quality digital image analysis, Cytoinformatics is your best solution. There are numerous advantages to using the professional cell morphology analysis provided by our staff: objective, precise and reproducible results; less time spent in image analysis; and cutting edge deep learning. Through the years we have added an array of services including cell morphology and you will quickly recognize that when you partner with the well-trained professionals at Cytoinformatics you have found the solution for all of your image analysis. Visit our website at www.Cytoinformatics.com to read more about us. Contact us today and begin a conversation with us on how we can fulfill your digital cell morphology services. When you partner with Cytoinformatics, you will be able to focus on the science and we will manage your data. Let us turn your images into insight.