The development of Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) has created a strong tool for use in medical diagnosis and research.One of the most highly valued outcomes from digital pathology analysis is the development of Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD). The innate nature of the work of digital analysis results in a supplemental tool that assists in disease diagnosis. This is a tool that has been evolving over time and has now gained significant credibility for its value in disease diagnosis.

Improvements in imaging hardware and computational processing have advanced the growth of digital imaging and image analysis in pathology. By digitization of whole-slide imaging, healthcare researchers are able to glean significantly more information from tissue samples. For example, additional steps in image analysis can now be added (feature extraction, feature selection, classification and dimensionality reduction) to automated machine-learning algorithms to reduce subjectivity and enhance quality assurance. This is a break-through development in pathology.

At Cytoinformatics, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, our leadership team brings technical strength in microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision that have created exponential growth and constructed a strong foundation for developing the building blocks for computer-aided diagnosis. Cytoinformatics offers a full menu of digital pathology services and is aiding its clients to move into the burgeoning discipline of computer-aided diagnosis.

The professionals at Cytoinformatics are well-educated, trained in the discipline of pathology and committed to delivering high quality digital pathology services. In addition to computer-aided diagnosis, Cytoinformatics continues to enhance its full menu of image-based analytic tools for our clients and their patients or their medical research.

No job is too large or too small for Cytoinformatics. Whether you are a physician seeking the most accurate diagnosis for a patient or you are a medical researcher dealing with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of specimens, Cytoinformatics is your best partner for this work. By simply uploading your slides to Cytoinformatics for digital analysis, you have placed your work at the forefront of digital pathology where our analysis, executed with the use of computers and cutting-edge machine-learning methods, will bring you the best information possible for your patient or your medical research project.

We will begin our work for you by confirming the types of data you want extracted from your slides so that ultimately our results will bring you the information you need. Cytoinformatics' digital pathology analysis is as thorough and exhaustive as it can be, as the accuracy of a diagnosis is critical and misdiagnosis must be avoided. Additionally, all of the analysis results at Cytoinformatics are validated by expert staff review, adding an extra layer of quality assurance to your work.

Computer-aided diagnosis is cost effectiveness, precision, reproducibility and timeliness. At Cytoinformatics, we are proud to deliver computer-aided diagnoses and participate in the effort to both more accurately diagnose and to eliminate medical misdiagnosis. We know the value of your time and assure you that when you partner with Cytoinformatics for all of your digital pathology services, you will have more time for your patients or your research. Visit our website at and contact us. We look forward to working with you and demonstrating how our corporate culture of quality service and client satisfaction will work for you.