Cytoinformatics performs digital pathology services with artificial intelligence, machine learning & computer vision.When you outsource your Digital Pathology Services to Cytoinformatics LLC, you are making a decision that will assure your image analysis is done with state-of-the-art accuracy, prompt results and affordability. Cytoinformatics, founded in 2012, provides digital pathology services to clients who recognize the benefits of having this analysis done by experienced professionals utilizing the best technology available. Our clients are motivated to use Cytoinformatics for a variety of reasons. Some are physicians seeking assistance to deliver the most accurate diagnosis to their patient while others are researchers dealing with a large volume of slides who recognize the value and efficiency of having Cytoinformatics managing this process. Whatever your digital pathology service needs may be, you will find that no job is too large or too small for Cytoinformatics.

Cytoinformatics is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky and our professionals take great pride in our service to clients. We recognize how valuable your time is. When you use the digital pathology services of Cytoinformatics, our services can free your time for your clinical and research endeavors at the same time that our sophisticated technology is providing you with thorough and accurate image analysis. We are focused on precision, reproducible results and efficiency. When using Cytoinformatics digital pathology services, you can devote your time to your patient or to your research while we assist with analysis.

Our provision of digital pathology services is conducted with a range of technology resources. This analysis can now be conducted through the use of computers and cutting-edge machine learning methods. Machine learning methods remove the subjectivity to which manual image analysis has been prone and continuously improves through deep learning. All of our work is always validated by human experts so that you can trust that our results are accurate.

At Cytoinformatics we provide a wide array of digital pathology services and we will work with you to identify the data you would like to have extracted from your slides. As we work through this process, you will recognize that our experienced experts are committed to a strong partnership bringing about excellent achievement of your image analysis goals. When the professionals at Cytoinformatics entered the field of digital pathology services, they brought significant expertise combined with their commitment to continuous quality improvement and an ambition to broaden the array of services, resulting in a company that has expanded and enjoys a strong reputation in the field of digital pathology services.

The unique online platform combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning and modern computer vision to provide the most robust, accurate and rapid image analysis services. Once you upload your images through the Cytoinformatics portal, we will handle the rest. Our digital pathology services are secure, robust, reliable, fast, accurate and customizable. Contact us on our website at so that we may begin a partnership that will be of great benefit to you, to your patients and to your research. As we say at Cytoinformatics: Let us turn your Images into Insight.