Feature Extraction takes a set of measured data and builds derived values intended to be informative & non-redundant.One of the methods frequently needed in digital image analysis is Feature Extraction. Feature Extraction begins with an initial raw data set, such as a set of whole-slide images, and condenses them into a list of informative measurements, or features. Many different types of tissue samples have visual attributes that have been determined by clinicians to be of value in disease grading and diagnosis. Most of these features describe shape, structure, appearance, and distribution of cells and tissues within a sample and have been useful in histopathology imagery analysis. Computer Vision is able to provide real-world measurements of these phenomena and has rapidly been found to be an excellent tool in digital pathology analysis and Feature Extraction. Boundaries, size, length, and shape of cells can be readily identified through this process.

Feature Extraction involves reducing a set of large whole-slide images into a set of meaningful morphological observations. Feature Extraction is valuable because it works to describe the physical contents of an image as a list of measurements that are semantically useful for research or clinical practice.

Cytoinformatics LLC, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, was founded in 2012 by a leadership team with scientific strength in microscopic image analysis, digital image pathology and computer vision. This expertise, combined with a deep commitment to quality and service, has propelled the exponential growth of Cytoinformatics and its capacity to offer a full range of digital pathology services. Improvements in imaging hardware and computational processing have advanced the growth of digital imaging and image analysis in pathology. By digitization of whole-slide imaging, healthcare researchers are able to glean significantly more information from tissue samples. Additional steps in image analysis can now be added (feature extraction, feature selection, classification and dimensionality reduction) to automated machine-learning algorithms to reduce subjectivity and enhance quality assurance.

No job is too large or too small for the professionals at Cytoinformatics. Our clients include physicians seeking an accurate patient diagnosis and medical researchers seeking feature extraction for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of slides. Before we begin your feature extraction, we will begin a discussion with you in order to determine the measurements you are seeking. Once you have uploaded your slides, you can rest assured knowing that your outsourcing to Cytoinformatics with our online platform, computer screens and cutting-edge machine-learning methods places you at the forefront of digital pathology analysis.

The corporate culture at Cytoinformatics revolves around precision, reproducibility, timeliness and affordability. The staff at Cytoinformatics is committed to continuous quality improvement that will bring you data upon which you can rely. At Cytoinformatics we have built in an extra layer of quality assurance with a validation review by staff experts before we deliver any data. Visit our website at www.Cytoinformatics.com and learn more about all of the services, including Feature Extraction, that are offered at Cytoinformatics. When you partner with Cytoinformatics, you will get the high quality results you need at the same time that you are able to spend more time with your patients and your medical research.