Histological analysis is study of the microscopic anatomy of cells performed by examining thin slices of tissue.Histological analysis is the study of the microscopic anatomy of cells, generally performed by examining thin slices of tissue that have been stained and mounted on a glass slide. Histological analysis is a basic, essential tool in biology and widely used in medical research. Histopathology differs from histological analysis in that it works specifically with diseased tissue and is broadly used in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. Based upon the observations determined in histological analysis and histopathology analysis, physicians and researchers are able to glean critical information for their work.

At Cytoinformatics LLC, a company founded in 2012 and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, we provide histological analysis services that leverage the power of deep learning and machine-learning techniques to a broad range of clients. Whether you are a physician seeking a definitive diagnosis for a particular patient or you are a medical researcher dealing with a large volume of slides requiring time-consuming histological analysis, Cytoinformatics is your best solution. The staff at Cytoinformatics values the work that you do and no job is too large or too small for your partners at Cytoinformatics.

The professionals who founded Cytoinformatics brought a range of technical skills to the task. With backgrounds in microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision, these combined skills have provided a great foundation for Cytoinformatics and have allowed the company to embrace the many break-through developments in digital pathology. At Cytoinformatics, we have grown exponentially and are able to offer a wide menu of digital analysis services, including histological analysis, while assisting to move the work of our clients ahead through the use of computer-aided diagnosis.

Our employees are well-educated and well trained in the discipline of digital pathology. We begin by carefully confirming the exact information which you want extracted from your slides so that our histological analysis will bring you the exact information you are seeking for your patient or your research. When you upload your slides to Cytoinformatics, this partnership will bring you digital pathology analysis that is state-of-the-art. Because of our use of deep learning and machine-learning, you will get results that are precise, reproducible, prompt and affordable.

Histological analysis and histopathological analysis provide a wealth of information to physicians and to medical researchers. By employing the resources of whole-slide imaging and digital analysis, the depth and accuracy of information is remarkable. The advantage of being able to digitally store slides for future use is simple and invaluable. While using the best technology available for performing histological analysis, all of the work that we do at Cytoinformatics is verified with expert staff review, adding an extra layer of quality assurance to the work we perform for our clients.

Visit our website at www.Cytoinformatics.com for more information about Cytoinformatics, who we are, the work that we do and how we can partner with you for all of your digital pathology services, including histological analysis. We look forward to our work together and demonstrating how our corporate culture of excellence in service and client satisfaction will work for you.