Histology stains enhance the ability to visualize and identify microscopic structures, providing useful information.Histology is an essential tool used in biology and medicine. There are a number of different types of histology stains performed on cells and the type of stain employed is generally selected based on the type of biological tissue to be examined. By using histology stains, this enhances the ability to visualize and identify microscopic structures. Based upon these observations, an accurate tissue-based diagnosis can be made. Its most frequent use is in the diagnosis of cancer but there are other diseases which can be identified through the use of histology stains. This is also a useful process that plays a critical role in disease research.

Biological tissue without stain has very little contrast when viewed under a microscope, giving rise to the use of histology stains to give contrast to tissue and also to highlight particular features of interest. Histology stains allow technicians to view tissue morphology and to look for particular cell types, structures and bacteria.

The most common form of histology stain is hematoxylin and eosin stain (H&E). It is commonly used with all types of tissue specimens in examination of the underlying tissue structures and conditions. Hematoxylin is a basic dye and it stains the nuclei blue; eosin is the other dye used and it stains the cytoplasm and extra cellular matrix-pink. By using selective staining methods, the technician is able to differentiate numerous structural elements of tissues by their color or by the intensity of staining.

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