Histopathology analysis is the study of diseased biological cells and tissues, focusing on molecular changes in cells.At Cytoinformatics, a company headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky and founded in 2012, the histopathology analysis is a highly valued digital pathology service for our clients. Histopathology, frequently referred to as cellular pathology, is an important and complicated field in modern medicine. While Histology is the study of biological cells and tissues using particular techniques, Histopathology is the study of diseased biological cells and tissues, applying the same techniques as used in Histology. Histopathology is an extremely detailed branch of science that focuses on molecular changes in cells as a part of the disease process. As technology has improved, digital slide analysis has become an invaluable tool to doctors and researchers.

Histopathology analysis clients of Cytoinformatics can be physicians seeking the most accurate diagnosis possible for their individual patients and they can also be medical researchers who are working with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of slides. Because histopathology analysis is such a detailed science, its contributions to medical science and medical diagnosis are significant. When histopathology analysis is performed by the professionals at Cytoinformatics, our clients are able to have their work executed with the use of computers and cutting-edge machine-learning methods. Whether our client is sending us slides from a single patient or a large-scale research project, no job is too small or too large at Cytoinformatics.

Whole-slide scanning can be employed to digitize and store slides in digital form without risk of damage to the slide. Because of this, CAD (Computer-assisted-diagnosis) algorithms are being developed for disease detection, diagnosis and prognosis. This service at Cytoinformatics provides physicians and researchers access to the best information available, no matter how remote the site from which they are working. When you upload your slides to Cytoinformatics, we begin the process of histopathology analysis by confirming the information/outcome you are seeking. From that point forward, the professionals at Cytoinformatics will go to work. Our company was founded by experts in the field of microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision and this depth of expertise has helped to shape the services that we provide. Cytoinformatics has grown to the point that we now offer a broad array of digital pathology services, including histopathology analysis.

The employees at Cytoinformatics are well-educated, trained in state-of-the-art technique and committed to performing these vital services professionally. The corporate culture at Cytoinformatics supports precision, timeliness, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. All of the image analysis performed at Cytoinformatics is thoroughly reviewed by staff experts, adding an extra layer of quality assurance to your work. We understand the value of your time, whether you are a busy physician seeking an accurate diagnosis for your patient or a medical researcher devoted to the improvement of medical science. Cytoinformatics will help you to carve out more time for you with your patients or your research while we work with your medical data. Learn more about us on our website at www.Cytoinformatics.com and contact us. You will quickly recognize that Cytoinformatics can be your partner that you can depend upon for high quality, accuracy, affordability and prompt histopathology analysis and more.