IHC staining is used to determine the presence of antigens in cells by creating an antigen-antibody reaction.One of the many services performed by Cytoinformatics LLC is IHC Staining analysis, an abbreviated title for Immunohistochemistry Staining. IHC Staining is a method used to determine the presence of particular antigens in cells. This is done by creating an antigen-antibody reaction that can be viewed under a microscope: when binding occurs, a dye is enzymatically deposited/conjugated to the tissue protein scaffold, allowing visualization via bright-field absorbance or fluorescence. This technique is used in slide review for the diagnosis of disease. IHC staining is frequently used for the detection of cancer and determination of the type of cancer. IHC staining may provide information regarding the stage and grade of a tumor, the type of cell and origin of metastasis to find the site of the primary tumor.

Cytoinformatics LLC performs IHC staining for both clinical and research purposes when the need to distinguish between healthy and abnormal tissue is required. IHC (Immunohistochemistry) is used for a variety of purposes: diagnosis of disease, pharmaceutical development and biological research. For example, IHC Staining is widely used in the analysis of fresh or frozen breast cancer tissue for the presence of HER2 receptors and/or hormone receptors on the surface of these cells. IHC Staining is employed in drug research as this process is able to validate drug efficacy based upon either the activity or the up- or down-regulation of disease targets.

There are tremendous advantages to using the expert image analysis provided by Cytoinformatics LLC, whether you are a clinician or a researcher:

  • The image analysis done by Cytoinformatics professionals assures objective, precise and reproducible answers.
  • Slide preparation, scanning and analysis must be done accurately. This can be tedious and time-consuming, whether done by a clinician seeking the accurate diagnosis or a researcher dealing with a voluminous number of slides. Cytoinformatics LLC is equipped to assure high quality results.
  • Cytoinformatics image analysis employs cutting-edge deep learning, affording your project the up-to-the-moment advantage of machine learning technology.

Our computerized decision-support systems leverage the most recent advances in artificial intelligence to detect mitosis, distinguish tissue types, count nuclei, assess staining intensity, diagnose cancer and detect and grade tumors.

Cytoinformatics LLC was founded in 2012 for the specific purpose of providing professional services with state-of-the-art tools and techniques for clinicians and researchers. Our corporate culture has resulted in a growth of our company, now offering an ever-widening variety of image analysis services, accompanied by our commitment to excellent quality and prompt customer service. Cytoinformatics is able to deliver its analysis affordably, making it the ideal partner for all of your image analysis needs, including IHC Staining.

Partnered with our expert image analysts, clinicians and researchers will optimize their time for patients and research. At Cytoinformatics, we provide the best digital analysis available. Contact us today at www.Cytoinformatics.com and let us demonstrate how we can provide you with the data you need to move your patient or research project forward.