In spite of public domain availability, computer-aided analysis by Cytoinformatics provides  precise & prompt results.One of the valuable tools for pathology analysis is ImageJ, a Java image processing program available in the public domain. As the field of pathology analysis has become more demanding and more sophisticated, Cytoinformatics LLC provides computer-aided analysis through the use of deep learning and machine-learning that is more detailed and more quickly available than through a simple straightforward use of ImageJ for scientific image analysis.

Cytoinformatics was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. When the founders came together to begin this endeavor, they brought together expertise in microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision. This combination of knowledge and passion for science positioned Cytoinformatics well to be a part of the rapid fire evolution of digital pathology, all of this resulting in a company that now delivers an array of services to a broad range of clients, providing pathological analysis services to doctors and researchers, no matter how remote their location.

Whether you are a physician seeking a definitive diagnosis for your patients or you are a medical researcher whose work demands analysis of large volumes of slides, the ease of scalability of the digital pathology analysis performed at Cytoinformatics results in the delivery of your report with precision and timeliness. When you partner with Cytoinformatics, you will use your professional time more effectively, reducing your time at the microscope and increasing your time with patients or medical research. In spite of the public domain availability of ImageJ, it is the computer-aided analysis offered by Cytoinformatics that will bring you the results you are seeking with rapid speed.

The unique AI online platform at Cytoinformatics leverages modern computer vision algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced machine-learning. This methodology has eliminated the inherent subjectivity in human pathology analysis and delivers objective results. While ImageJ software has been considered breakthrough technology, the powerful analytical tools available through recent breakthroughs in deep learning is today's state-of-the-art methodology.

Outsourcing your pathological analysis to Cytoinformatics affords your patients and your research the benefit of work being performed with cutting-edge digital tools. The corporate culture at Cytoinformatics will provide your digital analysis with precision, the results will be reproducible, the analytical report will be timely and you will find that our services are cost-effective. The employees at Cytoinformatics are well-educated and competently trained for the work they do, motivated by a total commitment to quality and service. Cytoinformatics will use your time well. Before we begin the analytical process, our staff will always confirm exactly what you want extracted from your slides so that our analysis is conducted employing appropriate protocols. Upon conclusion, the work at Cytoinformatics is reviewed by an expert on staff prior to you receiving the detailed final report, adding an extra layer of quality assurance to our clients.

Step up from ImageJ analysis to analysis powered by the best technology available combined with the best in client services. Learn more about us by visiting our website at and contact us online. We look forward to partnering with you as we handle the data and you attend to your patients and research.