When Cytoinformatics couples ImmunoRatio software with computer-aided analysis, the result is more precise & prompt.One of the many digital pathology services provided at Cytoinformatics is Ki-67 immuno-stained tissue analysis, similar to that provided by a popular web-based automated image analysis platform called ImmunoRatio. As the world of digital pathology has evolved, Cytoinformatics LLC, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, has participated in this evolution. When the professionals who started Cytoinformatics came together to begin this pathology service-based company, these experts brought together technology backgrounds in microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision. By bringing these skills together collaboratively, Cytoinformatics positioned itself strategically to participate in the exponential growth of digital pathology services.

Cytoinformatics has distinguished itself through its unique online platform, the utilization of cutting-edge deep learning and machine-learning methods, assuring our clients that when your work, whether it be ImmunoRatio or any of the other digital pathology services provided, is done by Cytoinformatics, your 100% computer-aided analysis will be done with accuracy and speed. While ImmunoRatio software is broadly available, it is when Cytoinformatics applies state-of-the-art computer-aided analysis to your Ki-67 immuno-stained tissue that you achieve a level of precision and quick turnaround with reliable results.

What are the capabilities of ImmunoRatio software? ImmunoRatio is able to segment diaminobenzidine-stained (DAB) and hematoxylin-stained nuclei regions of the image being tested. ImmunoRatio is also able to calculate the percentage of DAB-stained nuclear area and produce a pseudo-colored result image that matches the area segmentation with all of this contributing to a definitive prognosis for breast cancer patients. A straightforward application of the ImmunoRatio software, however, can yield wildly unpredictable results. If you are seeking the assurance that your Ki-67 analysis is reliable and accurate, then the key is to partner with Cytoinformatics where our unique combination of machine learning and human experts is fully utilized.

When your Ki-67 immuno-stained tissue or any other digital pathology analysis is done by the professionals at Cytoinformatics, your work will be performed by staff who are well-educated and well trained. We always begin our work for you with clarification of the exact information you are seeking from your slides and we do not complete our analysis until your results have undergone expert review, assuring an extra step in quality assurance for our clients.

Clients who partner with Cytoinformatics for Ki-67 immuno-stained tissue or any other digital image analysis benefit from a corporate culture which is always committed to continuous quality improvement, accuracy, affordability and prompt turnaround. Whether you are a physician seeking the most accurate diagnosis and prognosis possible for your patient or you are a medical researcher dealing with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of slides needing analysis, you will find Cytoinformatics to be your best solution. We are committed to delivering objective, precise, reproducible results, no matter the scale of the work you upload to us. No job is too large or too small scale for Cytoinformatics and our work pride relies upon earning the satisfaction of our clients.

At Cytoinformatics, we understand the value of your time. By moving yourself away from manual analysis and uploading your slides to Cytoinformatics, you can rely upon our partnership to do this analysis with ultimate results. We want to work with you and your Ki-67 immuno-stained tissue projects by leveraging machine-learning and deep learning with this software, providing greater speed and accuracy. Learn more about Cytoinformatics, our personnel, our services and our work ethic by visiting our website at www.Cytoinformatics.com. We look forward to a partnership in which we give you more time for your patients and medical research while we provide you with the best pathology analysis data available.