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Flexible microscopic image analysis for every need

Backed by leading medical informatics research, we provide customized image analysis services at an affordable cost.

Cheap Wholeslide Image Scanning

At only $10 per whole slide you can have your images professionally scanned.
Cell Detection

Identify cells of interest within very large whole-slide images.

Cell Segmentation

Extract the exact dimensions of cells for robust feature analysis.


Distinguish cell and tissue types.

Feature Extraction

Gather morphological measurements with pinpoint accuracy.

Slide Scanning

Digitize your slides at high quality.


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Let us turn your
images into insight

We aim to take the hassle out of analyzing large whole-slide images containing thousands of cells. No software licensing or image analysis experience required.

  • Analyze thousands of cells
  • Simple per-image pricing model
  • Web-accessible results
  • Completely customizable solutions
  • Brightfield slide scanning service
  • No expensive software licensing

Deep learning-based analysis for thousands of cells

We combine our cutting-edge artificial intelligence with human expertise to provide the most robust, accurate, and rapid image analysis services possible.

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