The problems in manual nuclei counting are resolved when done digitally with computer screens and machine-learning.Cytoinformatics LLC, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, opened its doors in 2012. Founded by experts in the field of microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision, Cytoinformatics has grown exponentially. Now offering a broad range of state-of-the-art services, the professionals at Cytoinformatics provide digital pathology services to a broad array of clients. Whatever digital pathology services the client is seeking or outsourcing, you will find these services offered by Cytoinformatics to be reliable, reproducible, affordable and prompt.

No job is too large or too small for Cytoinformatics. Many of our clients are physicians seeking the most accurate diagnosis for their patients while other clients are medical researchers dealing with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of slides. When nuclei counting, a standard method for accurate counting of individual cells, is needed, the efficiencies of partnering with Cytoinformatics are obvious. Digital pathology analysis has changed the logistics of the world of pathology in numerous ways. Gone are the days of locking into your microscope for the tedium of manual counting. Not only is computer-based image analysis time-efficient, it is undeniably more accurate.

The challenges of manual nuclei counting are well-established:

  1. Human perception of cell definition varies and this variance results in different counts by different technicians.
  2. Manual nuclei counting is subject to volume, dilution and pipette errors. Digital pathology analysis overcomes this issue.
  3. There are challenges in determining cell viability based upon the dye that is used.
  4. There are some inherent issues in the typical low volume (100 cells) nuclei counting when the counting is being done manually.

Since determining how many cells are in an image is critical information, given these manual nuclei counting issues and others, the use of digital nuclei counting is preferred. Uploading your slides to Cytoinformatics for digital nuclei counting places you at the forefront of digital pathology where our analysis with the use of computer screens and cutting-edge machine learning methods will bring you the best information possible for your patient or your research project. You can move your pathology well beyond manual counting into the world of modern computer vision and advanced machine learning, where quality, efficiency and accuracy.

The staff at Cytoinformatics is well-educated, well trained and eager to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We begin by confirming the information which you want extracted from your slides, i.e. nuclei counting and/or much more. Our results are precise, reproducible, timely and cost-effective. All of the image analysis results at Cytoinformatics are validated by expert staff review, adding an extra layer of quality assurance to your work. At Cytoinformatics, given our strong base of capable employees and a strong corporate culture of service and satisfaction, we are continuously expanding the menu of digital image services we provide to our clients. Contact us at and you will recognize the value of partnering with Cytoinformatics for your digital pathology services. Let us work together to move your patient diagnosis or research project forward.