Cytoinformatics offers pathological analysis for clients ranging from doctors to researchers dealing with many slides.When you are seeking a resource for your pathological analysis work, you can rely upon Cytoinformatics LLC to provide pathological analysis with the professionalism your important work deserves. Whether you are a physician seeking the most accurate and definitive pathological analysis for your patients or a medical researcher dealing with a large volume of slides, Cytoinformatics is your best partner for this service. The scalability of our services allows us to deliver pathological analysis to any job with no project being too small or too large for Cytoinformatics. Founded in 2012, Cytoinformatics is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. Our unique online platform delivers precise results derived from our state-of-the-art equipment and excellent staff of professionals.

When the founders of Cytoinformatics came together to start this company, they brought a breadth and depth of experience in microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision. This background provided the knowledge base to participate in the evolution of pathological analysis to a digital platform. The platform at Cytoinformatics, through its use of modern computer vision algorithms, artificial intelligence, and advanced machine-learning, has removed the subjectivity of pathological analysis done by a more limited human analysis to pathological analysis done with powerful analytical tools delivering objective results. Computerized decision-support systems leverage the most recent advances in artificial intelligence to detect mitosis, distinguish tissue types, count nuclei, assess staining intensity, detect and grade tumors, diagnose cancers and more. Virtual microscopy has opened up and exploded the field of digital pathological analysis with its conversion of glass slides into digital slides. Conversion to digital enables computer viewing, analysis and slide storage without risk of sample damage or deterioration.

When you outsource pathological analysis to Cytoinformatics, you will experience a corporate culture that places quality first. Your pathological analysis will be accurate, reproducible, timely and affordable. The technicians at Cytoinformatics are well-educated, trained well in the protocols of our work and eager to deliver precise pathological analysis to our clients. Before we begin the analysis process, our staff will confirm exactly what you want extracted from your slides so that our pathological analysis is performed with the appropriate protocols that will provide you with accurate results, providing you with all of the information you are seeking. Our work is customizable to your requirements for analysis. With our focus on precision, reliability and timeliness, outsourcing with Cytoinformatics will free you to spend more time in your clinical work and/or medical research endeavors while we take care of the data.

For more information on the wide range of digital pathological analysis services available through Cytoinformatics, visit our website at The brief video on the home page will give you a brief explanation of who we are, what we do and why partnering with Cytoinformatics is a great step toward achieving precision pathological analysis for your work that is done by professionals eager to leverage the best in technology with the best in client services. We look forward to our work together and demonstrating our corporate culture of excellence in service and client satisfaction working for you.