Cytoinformatics offers a broad range of pathology image analysis services for medical diagnosis & research.Cytoinformatics LLC, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, is a company specializing in digital pathology image analysis services. Our leadership team’s foundational skills in microscopic image analysis, digital pathology and computer vision have been building blocks contributing to our growth and ability to offer an array of pathology image analyses to Cytoinformatics clients. Pathology image analysis has changed tremendously and gained momentum globally due to the advent of whole-slide digital imaging, creating a new set of precise and efficient tools to assess patients, disease and treatment options.

Whether you are a physician seeking a precise diagnosis for your patient or you are in the field of medical research and need assistance interpreting hundreds, perhaps thousands, of slides, Cytoinformatics is equipped to serve you. No job is too large or too small for the professionals at Cytoinformatics. The powerful tools now available in digital pathology image analysis bring a high level of certainty and precise interpretation that is reproducible. With the full spectrum of pathology image analysis techniques offered by Cytoinformatics, you are now able to access cutting-edge pathology processes with detailed results. By simply uploading your slides to Cytoinformatics for pathology image analysis, you have placed your work at the forefront of digital pathology. The pathology image analysis done by Cytoinformatics is executed with the use of computer screens and cutting-edge machine-learning methods, always bringing you detailed information regarding your client or your research. Machine-learning, an application of artificial intelligence, allows systems to continuously learn and improve without explicit programming for this. The computer programs at Cytoinformatics continuously access data and use it to learn going forward. An extra layer of quality assurance is added to your work as all results at Cytoinformatics are validated by expert staff review before being released to the client.

The advantages of digital pathology image analysis are clear. At Cytoinformatics we are committed to a corporate culture of continuous quality improvement, recognizing that the science of digital pathology image analysis is evolving rapidly and Cytoinformatics wants to be a leader in this evolution. The professional staff at Cytoinformatics is well-educated, well trained and constantly strives to deliver precise data that is reproducible, timely and cost-effective. The work done by Cytoinformatics is exhaustive as accuracy is our foremost and constant goal. By actively participating in the growth of digital pathology image analysis, employees take great pride in knowing that the data results delivered to physicians and researchers are as accurate and detailed as the science permits, contributing significantly to the elimination of medical misdiagnosis.

Visit our website at and learn more about the full menu of digital pathology image analysis services we perform. We understand the importance of the work that you do and the value of your time. When you upload your slides to Cytoinformatics, our powerful diagnostics will go to work for you and you will be able to devote more time to your patient and to your research. We look forward to partnering with you and demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.