Custom Analysis Pricing

$10 for:
up to 2,000 by 2,000 image at 20x
up to 4,000 by 4,000 image at 40x
$60 for:
up to 20,000 by 20,000 image at 20x
up to 40,000 by 40,000 image at 40x
* For images that do not meet these criteria, alternative pricing options are available by consultation
Additional Analysis
Any analysis needs that were not initially discussed before issuance of an invoice may be added to an analysis for an additional cost of $100/hour.

Whole-Slide Scanning

$10 per-slide whole-slide scanning service (20x or 40x)

Referral Program

For any transaction of at least $400, a customer may receive a $100 Amazon gift card for referring a friend to use CytoInformatics.
In the event the referred customer makes a purchase of greater than $400, the referring customer will receive a $100 Amazon gift card courtesy of CytoInformatics. In addition, the referred customer will also receive a $100 discount off the total cost of their transaction. Simply indicate that you would like to refer a friend during your consultation with a CytoInformatics representative and we will handle the rest.