Cytoinformatics has digital pathology services for image analysis for cancer cell detection on individuals and research.All digital whole-slide imaging services inherently must begin with a digital whole-slide image. CytoInformatics offers a slide scanning service so that you may convert your physical slides into digital slides, saving space and improving accessibility at a competitive cost.

Whether you are seeking detection, segmentation, feature extraction, classification, or another digital pathology service, it all must begin with digital images. Because of this, we at CytoInformatics have made converting your physical slides into digital image files as easy and straightforward as possible. All you must do is first submit a quote detailing your request, then mail a parcel containing your physical slides to our scanning address.

Our pricing model could not be simpler. For a cost of $10 per slide (20x or 40x), you can convert your slides to digital, making them easier to store and share with colleages. We currently support brightfield scanning at 20x or 40x magnifications.

Whole-slide scanning is a breeze at CytoInformatics. If you are seeking one of our digital pathology services but do not have digital images of your slides or if you simply wish to back up your slides with digital copies, submit a quote today.