Whole Slide Imaging is used in providing a computerized digital analysis that can be stored for future use & sharing.When you partner with Cytoinformatics LLC for your digital pathology services, you and your work will benefit from our state-of-the-art technology. In particular, Whole Slide Imaging has become a widely requested service at Cytoinformatics as we are able to provide a computerized digital analysis that can be easily stored for future purposes and shared with colleagues wherever they might be.

Whole Slide Imaging is a process that strengthens the results of microscopic viewing by allowing analysis through a computer and easily archiving a digital slide for future use. One of the greatest advantages of Whole Slide Imaging is that it eliminates the problem of tissue breakdown, resulting in a digital image that retains specimen’s characteristics for ongoing analysis. Digitizing pathology analysis has been a tremendous breakthrough for patient care and research and Cytoinformatics is part of the revolution. When utilizing Whole Slide Imaging, physicians and researchers find it simple to collaborate with others and it also creates a simple option to work remotely, a practice that is becoming more widely embraced.

Whole Slide Imaging is one of many digital pathology analysis services offered at Cytoinformatics. Founded in 2012, with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, Cytoinformatics is a reliable resource for physicians and researchers with hundreds of thousands of slides and a need for an accurate patient diagnosis. Cytoinformatics' experienced professional provide image analysis that is accurate, prompt and priced affordably. We work with our clients to determine what information needs to be extracted and our unique online platform will perform this analysis effectively and efficiently. Images are processed with the use of computer vision algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning methods. You will quickly recognize the advantage that Whole Slide Imaging by Cytoinformatics brings to your work, whether this is for delivering patient diagnosis or advancing your research.

At Cytoinformatics we are professionally equipped to offer Whole Slide Imaging services to our clients. The culture at Cytoinformatics, with a commitment to delivering digital pathology services that are reliable, timely and affordable, provides strong advantages to outsourcing your image analysis. As experienced pathology analysts, we definitely understand how valuable your time is, how critical accurate analysis is and how important it is to get a timely turnaround with your Whole Slide Imaging needs. Our corporate slogan, “You focus on science and health. We help you with data.” is a perfect description of how we envision our work at Cytoinformatics. We will compile a detailed report based on our experts in image analysis and machine learning, giving you more time for your patients or the development of your research thesis.

Contact us today at www.Cytoinformatics.com and begin a conversation with us on how we can fulfill your digital pathology services. Our commitment to high quality, timely turnaround and prices that will stay within your budget will provide you with the confidence that your patient diagnosis and research will benefit from our expert equipment and analysis.